It’s About Time I Write Again!

It was well over a year ago that I last put electronic pen to paper and wrote here. I initially thought this blog would be a place for me to place the results of my Bible Study, preaching, and seminary work. But it turned out to be something I didn’t make a lot of time for as my teaching, preaching, and seminary work took so much time of its own.

But now, I think I have some things to write about. Maybe not heavy theology. Maybe not matters of life and death. But things related to Bible study, things having to do with Bibles, how we study them, care for them, and more.

So, look for some reviews coming up of the tools that I use in my Bible Study, pens, notebooks, even software. Also look for some book reviews and recommendations. I hope to share my love and passion for teaching and study and share some of the gleanings I’ve gathered over the past ten years of academic study, pastoral ministry, and seminary teaching.

Blessings to you all who read, and look forward to the first post later in the month!


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